Cllynncopa Singlighty B7707

Singlightly is a lovely Section B welsh mare, 12H born in June 1994.   Lily is by Phantom Hawksbill out of Snowpony High Society by Revel Polish.    Lily is a lovely welsh pony with an excellent personality and great movement.   We are very fortunate to have acquired this mare from the Barb Evans disperal sale in 2009.

We got a lovely filly in 2011 by Alderdale Nighthawk which we plan to retain as a future driving pony. SouthGates Pipit is a lovely grey filly that will mature under 12.2.

In 2012 Lily was bred to Llanarth Senatorbut lost the foal
In 2013 we bred Lily to the lovely section A stallion – Synod Cardigan.


In April 2006 we purchased Natalma as a driving pony from Darlene Morton. Alma exceeded all our expectations for a 4 year old green pony mare. Alma placed at East Aurora and Walnut Hill pleasure driving shows, was a member of the Ontario Carriage Racing Derby group and won the novice level dressage and cones at the Ontario Combined Driving Championships. In 2007 Natalma was also part of the Carriage racing derbies and attended several driving competitions in Ontario where she placed first.

We bred Natalma in 2009 to Alderdale Nighthawk and got a lovely black filly in June 2010 which will mature to be a large medium pony.   See South Gates Mourning Dove under ponies for sale.

In 2012 Alma was bred to Bennos Dream standing at Fox Creek Farm in Kansas and is confirmed in foal.