How will I know when my mare is ready to breed?
We all know the outward signs a mare gives when she is coming into or is in heat- tailing flagging, winking, secreting bodily fluids. Even though your mare may be showing all the signs of heat it is essential to be working with a veterinary who is very familiar with the breeding business. Your mare should be ultrasounded to ensure that she has a viable follicle (one side only) and not a cluster of little follicles, the follicle is of optimum size and that the mare hasn’t already ovulated. The more information you can collect about your mare, the easier it will be to pinpoint the perfect breeding time and successful insemination. Having your mare swabbed before will ensure that she has no yeast or bacterial infections which could prevent conception.

How much notice do you need that my mare is ready to breed?
Semen will be collected three times a week; Monday, Wednesday and Friday. When your mare starts showing signs of heat, contact your vet and arrange to have the mare ultrasounded. Your vet can tell you from the size of the follicle how close the mare is to ovulating. We would like about 12 hours notice so we can arrange for collection, packaging, and shipping.

Example: Your mare is ultrasounded on Tuesday morning and she has a 3 plus cm follicle. She will probably ovulate in 1.2 to 2 days. Call us on Tuesday afternoon to arrange collection for pick up of trailer breeding on Wednesday in the afternoon.

How far away should I be to have semen shipped to my mare?
If you are within a 2 hour radius of Brantford, it would be more convenient for you to either pick up the semen or bring the mare for trailer breeding at the collection facility. Any one future away will have the semen couriered to them via a courier company. USA shipments will be transported to the Buffalo Airport by a Standardbred service company and couriered from there.

What is the difference between fresh and chilled semen?
Fresh chilled semen is semen which is collected fresh from the stallion, tested, extended and then packaged at 2 – 3 degrees above freezing. The extender gives the semen something to feed on and chilling it extends its viability to at least 48 hours.Frozen semen after collection and testing is centrifuged to remove seminal fluid from the sperm. The sperm is then packaged in straws, flash frozen and then store in liquid nitrogen until it is ready to use.

What is the potency of shipped semen?
After the semen is collected, it is tested to determine how many forward motile sperm are present in each c.c. of sperm. From this number it can be calculated how many c.c. of sperm plus extender are needed to provide one billion sperm for each breeding. Each vial of sperm will have at least one billion viable sperm.

What if my mare doesn’t catch the first time she is bred?
If you have been working closely with your vet and we get the semen to you on time and your vet trips the mare after insemination to ensure she ovulates within 24 hours she should conceive. You should have your vet ultrasound your mare at approx 18 days to confirm pregnancy. If she hasn’t conceived and there are many variables why she may not, then we try again. Please let us know as soon as possible so we can be ready for the next heat cycle.

I have noticed on registration papers the letters P. B. after a stallion’s name. What does it mean?
P.B. means that the stallion is a privately owned stallion, not owned by the government.

What does V. PR. HAUPTSTUTBUCH mean on registration papers?
V. Pr. Hauptstutbuch means that the mare is a premium mare in the main stud book.